GOLD HINGE is a popular fashion athleisure wear brand that wanted to try TikTok ads. A combo of clever creatives and an irresistible offer lead to the brand doubling its highest revenue month ever and acquiring 350+ new customers daily!

$670k revenue in one month

Doubled their highest revenue month ever

$105k in sales during launch week

350+ daily new customers

Niche/Industry Fashion & Apparel

Services Paid Social, Email


ONCEWAS has Black Friday on lock with a 4.64x MER and their biggest month yet! High-end, designer fashion label, OnceWas, blew their monthly revenue out of the park with their first BFCM sale. Pushing the boundaries with the usual approach, this unexpected strategy including an exclusive locked site offer kept customers engaged and spending all week long.

25% growth of email database

64% more revenue than their best month

$227,473.35 Total Revenue at 4.64x MER


Paid Social


Sculpt Neon Signs offer creative lighting solutions for every occasion with statement neon signage that illuminates and transforms any space. The team reached out to us to help guide their first ever Black Friday sale. The results? They smashed their $500k target achieving $877k in revenue, landed a dream corporate deal and achieved $4.4M in their first year of business.

$90k day and a £90,000 corporate deal

$298k total ad spend

$877,962.60 ($$500k target revenue)

$4.4M first year


Social, Email and Google


Mister Zimi is an Australian fashion label that captures the sentiment of summer through bohemian-inspired designs. The campaign’s purpose was to generate buzz and boost traffic for their end of season sale.

$402,178.97 within 24 hours

$12,074.85 total ad spend

10.52x ROAS

$42,600 revenue from TOFU, first-time purchasers


Alpha Lion was founded in 2017 to deliver powerful fitness supplements that help people achieve their dream physique. Through a strategic sequence of Black Friday messaging, they churned out $204k within 24 hours of the campaign’s launch.

$204,315.05 within 24 hours

$10,000 total ad spend

20.43x ROAS

34.4% List-build conversion rate


Atlanta-based KMM & Co. is a growing brand specialising in heirloom-quality leather goods. The goal of the campaign was to outperform the previous year’s Black Friday revenue. Let’s just say they beat it by a country mile.

$52,561 sold in the first 24 hours

$12,074.85 total ad spend

10.52x ROAS

$42,600 revenue from TOFU, first-time purchasers


Founded by Australian designer Mikki Bagadia in 2011, Czarina is a resort wear brand that makes holiday dreams come true. Leveraging a Black Friday list building campaign, they smashed revenue targets on the first day the sale went live.

$91,980 generated over the life of the campaign

$21,158 total ad spend

437 ManyChat leads acquired


Founded in 2005, Loren Hope specialises in vintage-meets-modern jewelry. The aim of the campaign was to build hype for their latest butterfly launch, grow their list of ManyChat subscribers, and foster a spike in sales on release day.

$16,093 Release day revenue

$4,000.87 total ad spend

3.36x ROAS

1,360 ManyChat leads acquired