Scope of Service

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Our main purpose is to offer a broad assortment of services to our customers, enabling them to integrate all their design needs into one honest, open, and efficient company. Our graphic and motion graphic designers collaborate with our support team to provide as many services as possible. 

The purpose of creating creatives is to help clients organize their thoughts in a clear format. Unfortunately, we may not be able to assist with some jobs. This might be because the project requires a substantial amount of time or effort, or because we are a design firm rather than a content creation Agency.

You can find a list of work we are certain to finish on this page, as well as some we are unable to complete. If you want to know whether we are able to help you with something, just let us know and we will answer right away.

How We Work:

Our goal is to provide all of our clients with consistent volume and quick turnaround times. To accomplish this, we created a strict scheduling and workload process. Using this procedure, we can offer a “predicted” turnaround procedure, which will allow you to plan more effectively on both ends. 

On account of “2 Active Projects” being enabled, we work on two active projects simultaneously, for as many subscriptions as we have on your account. 

In other words, 1 subscription allows 2 active projects, two subscriptions allow 4 active projects, and so on. Adding more subscriptions allows you to work on more projects by giving you more designers. 

We aim to make turnaround times for each project consistent, ranging from 1 to 4 business days. 

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 10AM to 6PM IST

Our Workflow:


We’ve found that asking certain questions helps us gather the most comprehensive information from our clients. Simply fill in the blanks and provide any necessary information. 


The project gets started once a due date has been set. You will be communicating with your designer throughout the process. 


Files are either uploaded to your project or added to your drive once revised and approved. We can create any file type you want. 

Active Projects:

In Progress

Only projects that are currently being worked on are counted in the queue as “Active”. Once a design’s initial draft is reviewed, it is removed from the queue and a new design is started. 


Projects listed as “Reviewing” are removed from the active project list and remain dormant until the client either provides comments on alterations or confirms completion. 


A project can be revised until it is marked as complete. 

What to Expect from Us:

1. Every project’s status should be clear to everyone. 

2. Designers should follow up when the project is created and when a draft is delivered. 

3. Turnarounds for graphic and video designs are 1-3 business days* (*times may vary on complex requests, as they are generally complex requests).

4. You can request as many revisions and variations as you need to get a final product. 

5. All of the stock images, footage, and audio were used by the license. 

6. All source files must be provided to me with full ownership. 

7. There are support teams and leadership available to help in any situation. 

What We Need from You:

The majority of relationships succeed when there is clear communication. Please be as specific as you can and provide as much detail as possible when you submit requests. The fastest times are when clients provide simple-to-follow instructions for their vision. Including links, photographs, and videos of examples of the work you want to create is a big plus! 

Achieving success in most relationships requires clear communication. Please note that we are human beings who try to provide the highest quality designs and that art is subjective and not always aligned with some people’s expectations. We request respectful feedback from our clients. 

Our designers will get to the finish line faster each time our relationship builds and we better understand your needs. 

Stock Assets:

Since most stock asset licenses (Febixa Digital account holder) do not allow redistribution of images, videos, vectors, etc., from online resources, we are not permitted to do so. 

A commercial license from Febixa Digital allows us to build new creative assets using the work, but we cannot distribute stock assets to customers. We may only distribute stock resources to customers if they are used to create a new creative asset. 

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Print Materials

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What "Unlimited" Means to Us:

Unlimited Projects

Our team will work on your requests as soon as they come in. You may make as many requests as you like, and we will address them in the order they are received. If you have higher priority requests, we will move them to the top of your list. 

Unlimited Brands

All the brands you represent can be covered with one subscription using content agencies, advertising specialists, media buyers, and more. 

Unlimited Revisions

We are committed to helping you create powerful and effective visuals. So, the job isn’t finished until you say so. We are your friends in creating visuals.